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Widescreen Nature Wallpapers!
Nature Widescreen Wallpapers 1280x800
Widescreen Landscape Wallpapers:
Landscape Widescreen Wallpapers 1280x800
Other Wallpapers:
HDR,Buildings,Abstract Widescreen Wallpapers 1280x800
Widescreen Nature backgrounds 1280x800
Butterflies,Wildlife and Insects!
Widescreen Landscape backgrounds 1280x800
Desktop Landscapes
Widescreen Buildings backgrounds 1280x800
Buildings,HDR and Abstracts

This is my page with free widescreen wallpapers. There are many different screens these days and more and more people are buying a widescreen screen, and offcourse they would like to have a nice background on that widescreen too, well thats no problem! On this page there are all sorts of Widescreen wallpapers: Landscapes,Buildings and Nature wallpapers. The Widescreen wallpapers all have a size of 1280x800, and are high resolution Wallpapers. To use the Widescreen Wallpaper on your desktop, click on the picture. The Widescreen-wallpaper will open in a new screen. Now use the right mouse-button,click with it on the Widescreen-wallpaper en choose 'use as background". Thats all, and now that picture is on your desktop as the background. All the wallpapers are copyright protected and may only be used as background on your computer.No other site is allowed to place one of these wallpapers on their site!
Copyright alle wallpapers:Raym`s Photosite.

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