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1280x800 Widescreen Wallpaper
HDR Desktop background
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Christmas Desktop background
Christmas Computer Desktop

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Fall Wallpapers
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Wallpapers Firework
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Fireworks backgrounds

This is the page were you can find all the free wallpapers,including Widescreen Wallpapers of 1280x768, which you can use as a background on your personal computer. How can you get a background from this site and use it as a background on your personal computer? The easiest way is: open the wallpaper of your choise, click on it with the right-button (!) of your mouse, and choose "use as background", and voila! An other way is: select the wallpaper of your choise by clicking on the thumbnail,the Wallpaper will now open in a new window. Click with the right button of your mouse on the Wallpaper and choose "save as". Now you can select that wallpaper and use it as a background on your computer. All Wallpapers are 1024x768 pixels large. The wallpapers are only to be used for private use on your personal computer, for other use you have to ask permission first, so respect the copyright. Would you like to be a linkpartner then drop me a email.
Copyright all wallpapers: Raym`s Photosite.

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