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This is my page with wallpapers. I have wallpapers with various sizes on my website, the largest wallpapers have a size of 1920x1080 pixels, that will fit on a 22-inch widescreen screen. There are also widescreen wallpapers with a size of 1280x800 pixels, you can use these as background on your laptop. For the people with a smaller screen i have 1024x768 pixels wallpapers on my site. I will try to add new wallpapers regularly and perhaps even add wallpapers for the i-pad.

large wallpapers 1920x1080 pixels Click on the image to go to the Large Widescreen wallpapers 1920x1080 pixels

A selection of large widescreen wallpapers of Nature, Animals, Buildings, Evening Pictures, Sunsets, Fireworks and Landscapes. The wallpapers on this page are 1920x1080 pixels, that make them ideal for 22-inch widescreen screens. I will regularly add nice beautiful wallpapers to this wallpaper page. It`s nice to change the background of your computer regularly, don`t you think?
Widescreen wallpapers 1280x800 pixels Click on the image to go to the Free Widescreen Wallpapers 1280x800 pixels

On this wallpaper page some widescreen wallpapers with the size of 1280x800 pixels, ideal as background on your laptop. Many different wallpapers: wallpapers from cities like Bruges, Delft, The Hague and Amsterdam. And offcourse various nice nature wallpapers. There are also various landscape wallpapers on this page: winter landscapes, autumn landscapes and various beautiful animal wallpapers. There are also 3 fireworks wallpapers on this page. Soon i will add more wallpapers to this wallpaper page.

here is a selection of smaller wallpapers for smaller screens: 1024x768 pixels large.

free wallpapers for smaller screens of 1024x768 pixels Click on the image to go to the Various wallpapers of 1024x768 pixels

This is a wallpaper page with wallpapers for people who still have a smaller screen, a screen of 1024x768 pixels. Various wallpapers on this page: City wallpapers like Paris, Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden. And offcouse some beautiful nature wallpapers. I also have other wallpaper pages with 1024x768 pixels wallpapers. These are more season concentrated wallpapers: fireworks wallpapers, christmas wallpapers and autumn wallpapers. With the navigation it is easy to find these wallpapers, but i will add the links here also to make them easier to find.

Season Wallpapers: Autumn, Christmas and Fireworks wallpapers 1024x768.

gratis hersft wallpapers: Herfst foto`s en paddenstoelen foto`s Click on the image to go to the Autumn wallpapers

A page with beautiful Autumn wallpapers: Wallpapers of Autumn landscapes but also wallpapers of Mushrooms. These wallpapers are also 1024x768 pixels, but on the other wallpaper pages you will find larger autumn wallpapers. Al these beautifull coloured trees, mushrooms and beautiful coloured forests. Always nice to use these as a background on your computer when its autumn.

Free fireworks wallpapers Click on the image to go to the Fireworks wallpapers

When the year is almost over, you want a fireworks wallpaper on your computer as background. On this page there are several fireworks wallpapers and i hope to add some nice new one this year to. Put a fireworks wallpaper on your computer and switch back to a normal wallpaper when the new year has begun.

Free christmas wallpapers Click on the image to go to the Christmas wallpapers

With christmas you want a nice christmas wallpaper on your computer. I have several christmas wallpapers on this page that i photographed myself, like all my wallpapers. I don`t know if you like them, but perhaps some of these christmas wallpapers will look great as a background on your computer.

I changed the wallpaper pages. Added some new wallpapers here and there and i deleted a lot of wallpapers. I hope you can find your way better now on these pages. When i am done remodelling my website, i will add more wallpapers. If you want to be a linkpartner, use the contact form to contact me. Copyright all wallpapers:Raym`s Photosite.

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